1) IES project with Japan JIS 2003 by the Japanese technology innovation patent;
2) 2005, the People's Republic of China Customs import and export goods, the consignee or consignor declaration registration certificate;
3) Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality in 2005 as the high-tech enterprises in Shanghai;
4) 2005 by CMM3 (capacity maturity model three);
5) Shanghai Songjiang Hi-tech Park is rated as advanced enterprises in 2006;
6) 2007 four of computer information integration qualification credentials;
7)2008 diamond and jewelery industry business supply chain platform was named to the Scientific and Technological Progress;
8) 2008 diamond and jewelery industry in the business supply chain platform V1.0 been identified as high-tech achievements conversion projects;
9) In 2009, agricultural production data management software V2.0 was identified as high-tech achievements conversion projects;
10) In 2009, the Shanghai Communication Administration granted to telecommunications and information services business license.
11) Shanghai Informatization Office 2011 for software companies。
12) 2011 Shanghai Foreign trade operations of the Registration Form;
13) The following products for more than 10 computer software copyright registration certificate issued by the National Copyright Administration of the People's Republic of China since 2003;
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