The Newfield information software has a wealth of practical experience of professionals in the field of product manufacturing, including the development team of logistics management experts, international project management experts, senior software engineers and other professionals.

Partially successful a typical case:

Domestic projects:

  • Shanghai tournament Ling Software Company Limited Business Invoicing information management system
  • Jigme Alex (Changzhou) Electronics Co., Ltd. ERP
  • Shanghai ATC mahogany furniture limited company ERP
  • Shanghai Shu Yang Furniture Company Limited ERP
  • Keihin optical products company limited ERP
  • Shanghai agricultural means of production company ERP
  • Shanghai completed the medical science and technology limited company ERP

Japan Project:

  • 神戸ウェ一ブ株式会社《次期入会》
  • Teklink株式会社《住友精化》
  • 日电系统集成《日本公库》
  • 日电系统集成《次期Vite》
  • 日电系统集成《住生基盘》
  • エタ二電機株式会社《SMCC次期入会》
  • ニューコン株式会社《ジョィフル2期開発》
  • ルータ有限会社《三井物产人事评价》
  • 《SLCJラボ2008契約3Q》
  • 《SLCJラボ2008契約4Q》
  • 《MSI损サ改革SPM》
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