Catering hotel industry

      The degree of information of food and beverage industry is generally low, in the expansion process has become increasingly urgent demand for information technology. Rigorous restaurant chain system planning, development is essential for the operation of the catering enterprises. The Newfield Information software to cover food and beverage industry is missing the dilemma of the professional information officers, and after all kinds of large chain restaurants, and its business model to import experience and know-how and accumulated knowledge of the many food and beverage planning, and effective assistance to the inside of the restaurant chain the flow of information and the establishment of standard processes, and enhance its competitiveness in the market.

Part of the success of the typical cases:

  • Spring Restaurant Group, Chinese takeaway supply distribution system
  • Red child gallinaceous food group ERP, Chinese takeaway distribution supply system, system integration
  • Jiangyin Golden Group Chinese takeout supply distribution system
  • Rainbow hall club ERP, system integration
  • Rainbow hall club two ERP, system integration
  • Rainbow Hall Plaza Catering Management Limited ERP
  • Cross-strait coffee Lianyungang shop ERP, system integration
  • The coffee chain restaurant, ERP, system integration
  • Huan leaf chain restaurant ERP, system integration
  • Jin Jiaqiao boss shop ERP, system integration
  • Chunlei large hotel ERP, System Integration
  • Kunshan JETCO Le Grand Large Hotel ERP, system integration
  • Mai Thai new fashion ERP, system integration
  • Mai Thai club ERP, system integration
  • Wins the restaurant ERP, system integration
  • East Lamma Island seafood ERP, system integration
  • And a compound ERP, system integration
  • Black coffee ERP, system integration
  • Wind BBQ Co., Ltd. ERP system integration
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