PLM part of the case

      PLM is a kind of advanced enterprise idea, so that enterprises in the fierce competition in the market, with the most effective approach for enterprises to increase revenue, improve efficiency and reduce cost.

      From the data, PLM contains the complete product definition information, including all of the mechanical, electronic product data, including software and document content information.

      Technically, PLM combines a set of techniques and best practices, such as product data management, collaboration, collaborative product commerce, visualization simulation, enterprise application integration, supply of spare parts management and other business plan. It connects to extend the product definition of the supply chain all the OEM, subcontractors, outside the Association for manufacturers, partners and customers PLM combined with the electronic commerce technology and collaborative technologies, from concept design, product design, product manufacturing, product maintenance and management of information comprehensive data management.

      PLM is not only a software, is a complete system, the need for the user to provide support services, services must be established in client based on the insight, and rich experience and knowledge embodied in the system, at the same time can peer in replication. Shanghai Newfield companies in Japan have many years of PLM implementation experience, in the field of domestic PLM market also has great.

The typical case of a Newfield information in the field of PLM successful:

Japan's PLM project case:

  • In 2007 NEC-DMS CAD data management system
  • In 2009 for NEC customers Epson Obbligato implementation
  • 2010 for the Keihin optical PLM implementation

Domestic PLM project case:

  • PLM auto parts industry solutions
  • PLM motor industry solutions
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