IT outsourcing services

      The Newfield Information software, IT outsourcing services to global enterprise customers to provide software development, software technical support and a series of the overall solution. The scope of our global technology team to provide customers with a software project development household solutions, dispatch solutions, offshore development center solutions and other IT outsourcing services in the form.

Software Project Development

      Commitments to the project-development cycle (requirements analysis SA, the outline design of the BD, the detailed design of the DD, encoded CDs, unit testing UT, integration testing IT, functional testing the FT, system testing ST, acceptance testing, maintenance, MA) part or all of the cyclethe work.

To a deep understanding of customer needs, provide on-site or off-shore development platform and tools to develop software products to customer requirements, with the professional development team, mature management mode and strict quality management system, providing customers with high quality softwaredevelopment outsourcing services.


      Directly to the rich development experience of the technical staff, professional team dispatched to the customer specified in the workplace, with customers work. The Newfield Information software is based on the powerful advantages of human resources and efficient management mode combined with social resources, from the customer needs to select the right people to send and to send in management and the corresponding series of links are designed into a set of solutions according to different customers, different adjustments.

Newfield Information software to provide customers with adequate human resources outsourcing services, to provide customers with the experienced IT experts and junior technical engineer involved in customer projects, and provide customers with on-site service. The scope of business involves a number of areas of finance, communications, logistics, e-government.

We have:

·10 years of resources outsourcing management experience

·Highly stable workforce

·Rapid training of personnel the ability to support multi-channel source of talent

·Mature to adapt to customer cultural training mode

Set at a customer site-site person in charge, responsible for co-operation staff management and communication, as well as monthly evaluation is an effective management measures, it greatly limits reduced customer management, reduced our management costs.

Offshore Development Center

      A highly competitive market requires a high level of skills and resource management. Offshore software outsourcing is a high level of management. It can support the high level of service at a reasonable cost, without making a heavy burden.

The Newfield Information software continue to help customers set up development centers (offshore development center), thereby ensuring the development of core staff, through the development and management to train qualified personnel, and improve the level of offshore development, allowing customers to have a very high price in the overseasexcellent development team, to meet their growing development needs.

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