The implementation of the infrastructure

      Followed by the INTERNET Newfield Information software, computer networks, the trend of development of communication technology, committed to the introduction of the latest scientific and technological achievements and its application, follow the theory of modern scientific management of enterprises, integration of multi-product / multi-vendor hardware and software environmentsupport services provide our clients with a variety of infrastructure design, implementation, release the potential of your infrastructure.

·Strictly follows the ISO9001 standard for the customer's office, according to different customer needs, rational planning, the overall layout design, including the office environment design, safety system design, information channel to establish the layout of the network architecture to build. Traditional technology and sophisticated technologies, the Newfield Information of software technology experience covering all aspects of your business technology needs.

·Newfield Information software system integration technology is based on the customer's application needs and the scale of investment funds as a starting point, the integrated application of various computer network related technologies, appropriate choice of a variety of hardware and software professionals integrated design, installation and commissioning, the applicationlot of technical work and the corresponding management and business development, integrated system to meet the customers' actual work requirements, with good performance and proper price of the computer network system.

·Debugging from a software development platform selection, the survey of software functional requirements, software development, application system for building the network, application server topology planning, selection of application server administrator, installation and testing, and user training, maintenance is able to provide for the construction of enterprise applicationstraining, after-sale maintenance, application upgrades, the secondary development of a "one-stop" service.

·Standardization of voice, data, images, monitoring equipment, the line integrated configuration in a standard cabling system, a unified cabling design, installation and construction and centralized management and maintenance. Advanced, reliable way of wiring for buildings, parks and other places, more reliable, better communications, computer network infrastructure and intelligent building. Such as: office buildings integrated wiring, room transformation, network transformation, network construction.

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